What is Life Coaching?

Coaching for Life is a one-on-one mentorship program that helps individuals create greater well-being and success in important areas of their lives.

Are you dissatisfied with your current work, your financial situation, your relationships, your state of health, and/or your spiritual life?
Are you ready to break through to greater possibilities in your professional and/or personal life?

Clients who are ready for something more in their lives (and are willing to commit to the work of coaching) learn to manifest dreams that are both purposeful and abundant.

Coaching for Life is intentional accompaniment and training with a qualified life coach. It is a mentorship that enables individuals to create the best conditions for accomplishing their goals. Like plants in a healthy garden, clients' visions will bloom through gentle tending rather than more forceful driving.

Coaching for Life clients move toward greater satisfaction in their work and personal lives through dialogue, training, and experience in four essential areas:

  1. Knowing and committing to meaningful short and long term goals
  2. Developing physical and mental well-being
  3. Strengthening the ability to stay on task
  4. Practicing being conscious and "at home" in the present moment-- holding a non-resistant attitude toward whatever shows up in self and from life

Coaching for Life with Joyce Hardman